Isabelle Miller
Anthropology and World Languages, Senior Associate Faculty
Personal website:

I am from Versailles and I have been raised in the park of the castle….  Yes, yes, it is true!!!

My studies:

  • In France I did a master in Biochemistry, which lead me into doing research in enzymology at Einstein school of medicine in New York and in UCLA in California.
  • Then I did a Ph.D. in Bio-cultural Anthropology and a post Doc at the
    University of Washington.
My work:
  • As a senior associate faculty, I have also been teaching French at Everett CC for 10 years (Fr 121, 122, 123, 221, 222, and 223; I teach French face-to-face, hybrid, and online classes).
  • Also, I am a senior lecturer at CWU where I teach several online classes:
    • Anth 311 Advanced Biological Anthropology: Principles of Human Evolution
    • Anth 313 Primate Social Behavior
    • Anth 314 Human Adaptation
    • IDS 343 Origins and Results of Food Technology: The Gluttonous Human
  • I am also a research associate at CWU.
  • I give workshops on culture at Everett CC, Bellevue College and the University of Washington
Research interests (I did field work in various places):
  • In the Andes in Chile (worked with paleoanthropologists looking for remains of Miocene monkeys)
  • On the Altiplano of Bolivia (Ph.D. research; studied survival strategies in an hypoxic environment.)
  • In Indonesia (Explored various islands: (Java (Solo) place where the first Homo erectus was found; Bali, with its irrigations and their connection to game theories; Sulawesi and the culture of the Torajan people and the Spice islands… for fun!
  • In Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (Studied the identity of the Acadian people, first French settlers in North America)
  • In St Kitts and Trinidad  (West Indies/Caribbean Sea) (Studied the vervet monkeys behaviors, as well as the adaptation to hot and humid climate.)
  • Next trip will be in Siberia (adaptation to cold weather and effect of Western diet   on local people.)