Classroom Behavior

You are responsble for reading and adhering to the policies outlined here. It is my responsiblity, as the instructor, to ensure a safe learning environment for all my students. As a consequence, in order to honor this obligation, I reserve the right to report repeated violations of any one of these policies to the BIT (Behavorial Intervention Team) as outlined by EvCC campus policy.


  • Writing utensils and paper may be used at your desk.
  • Any food and beverages may also be on your desk (except on laboratory days).
  • No other objects, without the express permission of the instructor, will be on the desk.
  • I reserve the right to report repeated violations of this policy to the BIT (Behavorial Intervention Team) as outlined by EvCC campus policy.

Class discussions:

  • You may disagree with what other people may say, but I EXPECT you to respect their rights to voice their own views.
  • No one will be penalized for their opinion, however, anyone may be challenged to provide factual support for their point of view.
  • It is expected we will listen respectfully to each other and argue with ideas, rather that attack individuals.

Unsolicited talking in class:

  • Do not talk, visit, and so forth when other students or the instructor is speaking, or during films or other presentations.
    • If you have a question, ask the instructor, either during class, after class, or in office hours.
    • You can write down the question so you can be assured to remember it.
  • Talking in class is the primary complaint I receive from your fellow students. Many students need a quiet learning environment; let's all respect this expectation.


  • You may not use computers in the classroom unless the Center for Disabilities Services designates this as an accommodation.
  • All other use of computers in the class is not allowed.
Other electronic devices:

  • No use of cell phones is allowed in class.
    • If you bring your phone to class, it will be turned off.
    • The phone will be stored away; this does not mean on your desk, but in your backpack, purse, coat, or other similar location.
  • If you wish to record the class, the recording device must be placed on the laboratory table at the front of the class and not at your seat.

Absolutely no text messaging:

  • Text messaging is not an appropriate behavior in this course.
  • If you have a family emergency, and need to have an open line of communication, talk with the instructor before class begins.

No photography in the class:

  • You may not use any device, including your cell phone or camera, to take photographs of the class or fellow class participants without the express approval of the instructor.
  • You may not post any comments to websites such as Snapchat during the class period. Be aware that anything you might post may be considered as libel and legal consequences might be invoked.

In addition:

  • Do not make a habit of coming to class late; I am aware that everyone is delayed at some time, so this caution does not apply to those circumstances.
    • If you are late, find a seat at the back of the classroom (quietly).
    • Avoid taking your 'regular' seat; this is completely disruptive of the class.
  • Do not make a habit of leaving class early. If you know you need to leave early, come chat with me so I understand what will occur.
    • Find a seat at the back of the classroom. Leave quietly when you depart from the class.
    • Avoid taking your 'regular' seat; this is completely disruptive of the class
  • Do not bring children to class. I am sorry, but in 2009 EvCC created a policy where no children are to be allowed in the classroom.